Governing Council Student Elections

The Governing Council is the senior governing body of the University responsible for overseeing the academic, business, and student affairs of the University. Membership includes the Chancellor, the President, 8 alumni, 12 teaching staff, 8 students, 2 administrative staff, 16 government appointees, and 2 Presidential appointees. Members of the Governing Council serve as volunteers.

Governors are collectively and individually stewards of the University and are asked to contribute to decisions that affect the University’s current and future achievements. Not only do elected governors contribute to the advancement of the University's goals and objectives, they have an opportunity to find out a great deal about university issues and processes, such as, institutional budgeting, strategic planning, and academic and non-academic policy making. The Governing Council is responsible for overseeing the University's strategic direction, finances, human resources, capital expenditures and infrastructure, academic quality, and the student experience.