Audit Committee Membership 2023 - 2024

Constituency Position Name
Alumni Vice-Chair Huyer, Paul
Alumni Member MacKendrick, Richard
Alumni Member Madden, Brian
Co-opted Lay Member Member Graham-Nutter, Sue
Co-opted Lay Member Member Ramchandani, Rima
Ex Officio Non-Voting Assessor Drummond, Sheree
Ex Officio President Gertler, Meric
Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Hanington, Sandra
Ex Officio Chair of the Governing Council Kennedy, Anna
Ex Officio Non-Voting Assessor Matos, Alex
Ex Officio Chancellor Patten, Rose
Government Appointee (LGIC) TBD
Government Appointee (LGIC) Member Mathur, Rajiv
Government Appointee (LGIC) Chair McNamara, Joanne
Presidential Assessors TBD
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Rodgers, Trevor