Chairman's Advisory Committee on Governance 1988

In 1987 the Chair of the Governing Council, St. Clair Balfour, established an Advisory Committee on Governance to revise the Governing Council system.  The Report, which was released on May 10, 1988, recommended replacing the existing four Standing Committees of Governing Council with three Boards: Academic, Business and University Affairs. Each Board would have one or more Standing Committees reporting to it. Provision was made for the establishment of ad hoc Special Committees. Major changes were also proposed for the procedures by which Governing Council, its Boards and Committees would review and decide on policy issues. The general objective was to involve Boards and Committees at an early stage in the process of identifying issues, as well as in the development and review of options.

Report of the Chairman's Advisory Committee on Governance - May 10, 1988

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