Elected Members' Terms of Office 2023-2024 to 2025-2026

Faculty Department Name Term Ends 2024 Term Ends 2025 Term Ends 2026
Applied Science and Engineering Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Department of Benhabib, Bensiyon    
Applied Science and Engineering Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Department of Jia, Charles    
Applied Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Thorpe, Steven    
Architecture, Landscape and Design   Kim, Jeannie    
Arts and Science   Austin, Robert    
Arts and Science Sociology, Department of Caron, Christian    
Arts and Science Cell and Systems Biology, Department of Christendat, Dinesh    
Arts and Science English, Department of Downes, Paul    
Arts and Science Economics, Department of Gazzale, Robert    
Arts and Science Philosophy, Department of Gibbs, Robert    
Arts and Science Geography and Planning, Department of Gilbert, Emily    
Arts and Science Physics, Department of Harlow, Jason    
Arts and Science Art History, Department of Purtle, Jennifer    
Arts and Science Religion, Department for the Study of Raman, Srilata    
Arts and Science French, Department of Saverino, Rosa    
Arts and Science Astronomy and Astrophysics, Department of Sivanandam, Suresh    
Arts and Science Linguistics, Department of Tagliamonte, Sali    
Arts and Science Psychology, Department of Wood, Suzanne    
Dentistry   Kishen, Anil    
Information   Ratto, Matt    
Kinesiology and Physical Education   Amara, Catherine    
Law   Dubber, Markus    
Management   Oesch, John    
Medicine Psychiatry, Department of Bryden, Pier    
Medicine Medicine, Department of Costello, Lorne    
Medicine Biochemistry, Department of Houry, Walid    
Medicine Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Department of Joos, M. Shone    
Medicine Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Department of Kandel, Rita    
Medicine Family and Community Medicine, Department of Law, Marcus    
Medicine Surgery, Department of Pasternak, Jesse    
Medicine Paediatrics, Department of Simone, Laura    
Medicine Physical Therapy, Department of Switzer-McIntyre, Sharon    
Medicine   TBD      
Medicine   TBD      
Music   Edwards, Darryl    
Nursing   Beekhoo, Zoraida    
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, Department of Flessa, Joseph    
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning, Department of Simon, Rob    
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education   TBD      
Public Health   Bondy, Susan    
Social Work   Alaggia, Ramona    
University of Toronto Library OISE Library Flaccavento, Monique    
University of Toronto Library Archives, Library Klumpenhouwer, Tys    
University of Toronto Mississauga Management, UTM, Department of Kramer, Lisa    
University of Toronto Mississauga Anthropology, Department of Novroski, Nicole    
University of Toronto Mississauga Philosophy, UTM, Department of Tenenbaum, Sergio    
University of Toronto Scarborough Biological Sciences, UTSC, Department of Ashok, Aarthi    
University of Toronto Scarborough Management, UTSC, Department of Dewan, Tarun    
University of Toronto Scarborough Centre for Teaching and Learning, UTSC Khoo, Elaine