Report: UTSC Campus Affairs Committee - May 03, 2021

Virtual Meeting Room


May 3, 2021

To the Campus Council,
University of Toronto Scarborough,

Your Committee reports that it met on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 3:10 p.m., in a virtual meeting, with the following members present:

Tayyab Rashid (Chair), Tarun Dewan (Vice-Chair), Wisdom Tettey (Vice-President and Principal USTC), William Gough (Vice-Principal Academic & Dean), Andrew Arifuzzaman (Chief Administrative Officer), Desmond Pouyat (Dean, Student Experience & Wellbeing), Hamde Abubeker, Philip August, Kyle Danielson, Obidimma Ezezika, Mark Fitzpatrick, Alexander Irving, Paul Kingston, Daniel Lysak, Alice Maurice, Naureen Nizam, Sonja Nikkila

Non-voting Assessors:
Jamie Donaldson (Vice-Dean Recruitment, Enrolment & Student Success), Sheila John (Assistant Dean, Health, Wellness, Recreation, Physical Activity & Sport), Jeff Miller (Director, Facilities Management and Capital Projects), Helen Morissette (Director, Financial Services), Nadia Rosemond (Assistant Dean, Co-Curricular Engagement & Student Leadership)

Guests: Zahra Bhanji (Director, Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean), Melanie Blackman (Coordinator, Community Partnerships Team Lead), Jonathan Collaton (Campus Life and Special Events Coordinator), Greg Hum (Director, Housing & Residence Life), Annette Knott (Academic Programs Officer), Katie Larson (Vice-Dean Teaching, Learning & Undergraduate Programs), Hugh Laurence (Acting Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs & Curriculum), Tanya Poppleton (Director, Campus Safety), Tom McIlhone (Assistant Director, Campus Police), Kimberley Tull (Director, Community & Learning Partnerships & Access Pathways)

Emma Thacker (CAC Secretary), Kristi Gourlay (Assistant Secretary of the Governing Council)


Rakiya Abdullahi, Monisha Chawla, Jacqueline Deane, Liben Gebremikael, Ken Howard, Sylvia Mittler, Jacqueline Sahagian, Andrew Tam, Deena Yanofsk

  1. Chair’s Remarks

The Chair, Dr. Tayyab Rashid, welcomed members and guests to the final meeting of the governance year.

  1. Proposal to convert the Centre for Critical Development Studies (EDU:B) to the Department of Global Development Studies, UTSC

The Chair invited Professor William A. Gough, Vice-Principal Academic and Dean, to present the item. Professor Gough provided an overview of the Extra-Departmental Unit (EDU) structure at the University, and provided some history to the academic unit growth over UTSC’s history. Professor Gough explained that the Centre for Critical Development Studies (EDU:B) had been created in 2012, and was seeking departmental status. The proposed name for the academic unit was the Department of Global Development Studies (DGDS). The new Department would become the primary budgetary and administrative home to 9.53 FTE faculty (7.53 tenure-stream; 2.0 teaching-stream). All undergraduate programs and graduate academic offerings currently housed within CCDS would be located in the DGDS. Professor Gough noted for members that Professor Paul Kingston, Director, of the Centre for Critical Development Studies, was in attendance to respond to any questions.

A member asked about the name change to include the term ‘global’. Professor Gough responded that global and international had different specialized meanings. Professor Kingston added that the change reflected changes in the field and noted that the new name was a way to signal a more inclusive approach.

On motion duly made, seconded, and carried,


THAT, Centre for Critical Development Studies (EDU:B) be converted to the Department of Global Development Studies, as described in the proposal recommended by the Vice-Principal Academic and Dean, Professor William A. Gough, and dated April 13, 2021, be approved to be effective as of July 1, 2021.

  1. Overview of Campus Operating Budget: 2021-22

The Chair invited Mr. Andrew Arifuzzaman, UTSC Chief Administrative Officer, to present the item. The presentation outlined areas of budgetary focus for the coming year, including diversification of international and domestic enrolment, reputation and recognition, improved processes for planning and allocation of resources, facilities planning, organizational structures, and implementation of the UTSC Strategic Plan. He also shared several key themes that had emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Arifuzzaman highlighted the following spending priorities:

  • Investment in new faculty positions;
  • Research (startups, new partnerships, clusters of scholarly prominence);
  • Student supports (mental health, investment in Imani);
  • Teaching assistant support and scholarships;
  • Infrastructure (student space and campus infrastructure upgrades, biology teaching lab renovations, library renovations, and technology support);
  • Community partnerships;
  • Communications;
  • New facilities; and
  • Covid-19 response.

A member asked about international student enrolment in comparison to St. George and UTM. Professor Gough responded that UTSC international student numbers were comparable with the UTM and St. George campuses.

  1. Annual Report: Campus Police Services, UTSC

The Chair invited Mr. Arifuzzaman, to introduce the item. Ms. Tanya Poppleton, Director, Campus Safety, and Tom McIlhone, Assistant Director, Campus Police, shared the 2020 report. Ms Poppleton and Mr. McIlhone provided an overview of the campus crime incidents, changes and impact to campus police activities due to the pandemic, recruitment, and an overview of the partnerships across campus (e.g., health and wellness). In 2020, the UTSC Campus Community Police had responded to, or proactively conducted, 3,233 calls for service within the community, which had generated 334 reports.

Members had no questions.

  1. Annual Report: Community Partnerships and Engagement, UTSC

The Chair invited Mr. Andrew Arifuzzaman, UTSC Chief Administrative Officer, to introduce the item. Ms Kimberley Tull, Director, Community & Learning Partnerships & Access Pathways, and Ms Melanie Blackman, Coordinator, Community Partnerships Team Lead, presented the report. The report highlighted key institutional community partnerships involving placed-based, values-based, community and impact investing, inclusion and economic impact, knowledge equity, mobilization, and access and transition. The report focused on two key areas: pandemic response and response to anti-Black racism.

Members had no questions.

  1. Annual Report: Recognized Student Groups, UTSC

The Chair invited Desmond Pouyat, Dean, Student Experience & Wellbeing to introduce the item. Dean Pouyat invited Mr. Jonathan Collaton, Campus Life and Special Events Coordinator, to share a brief presentation. Mr. Collaton reported that in accordance with the university’s Policy on Recognition of Student Groups, his presentation reported on the administrative decisions to grant, deny or withdraw recognition for groups based on the UTSC campus for the 2020-21 academic year. He highlighted the following:

  • There were 209 groups listed that had been granted recognition from a total of 65 new group applications and 161 returning group applications;
  • Student Group Membership data provided in the report revealed that the cumulative number of UTSC members of all recognized student groups was 8,460, and the average number of UTSC members per group was 40.

Members had no questions.

  1. Revisions to the UTSC Campus Council and its Committees Terms of Reference

The Chair invited Emma Thacker, Assistant Secretary of the Governing Council, to present the item. Ms. Thacker explained that the proposed changes to the Terms of Reference resulted from a recent review undertaken by the Office of the Vice-Provost Academic Programs and the Office of the Governing Council. In addition, there had been consultation with the Academic Programs Officers at both the UTM and UTSC campuses. The proposed changes were considered minor, and the Terms of Reference had been revised to align with existing policies and practices.

Members had no questions.

  1. Report of the Presidential Assessors

    a) Assessor’s Report

The Chair invited Professor Gough to present his report regarding academic planning. He reported that for the summer session, it would be mainly remote offerings of courses. Student study space on campus would continue to be provided. The fall session would move to greater in-person delivery, as permitted by Public Health guidelines and provincial regulations. Each University campus would respond to local conditions as needed. Plans were being made for an in-person winter session (2022), as permitted by regulations.

b) Presentation: The Student Experience throughout the Pandemic and Beyond

The Chair invited Desmond Pouyat, Dean, Student Experience and Wellbeing to introduce the presenters - Ms Nadia Rosemond, Assistant Dean, Co-Curricular Programs and Student Leadership, Ms Sheila John, Assistant Dean, Wellness, Recreation & Sport, and Mr. Greg Hum, Director of Student Housing & Residence Life, to present. Dean Pouyat thanked the presenters for their leadership and support. The presentation shared an overview of virtual programming and in-person events, fall 2021 planning, and results of the ‘residence survey’ which highlighted strong student satisfaction.

Members had no questions.

9. Report of the Previous Meeting: Report Number 42 – February 11, 2021

The report of the previous meeting was approved.

10. Business Arising from the Report of the Previous Meeting

There was no business arising from the report of the previous meeting.

11. Date of Next Meeting – September 14, 2021 at 3:10 p.m.

The Chair advised members that the Committee would meet again on September 14, 2021 at 3:10 p.m.

12. Other Business

The Chair thanked outgoing members for their contributions to the Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 5:13 p.m.

May 18, 2021