Constituency Definitions for the 2022 Academic Board Elections

The definition of “Teaching Staff” below is an extract from the Election Guidelines 2022. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are eligible by consulting the Election Guidelines 2022, which provides more details for this definition and the eligibility criteria.

“Teaching Staff” means employees of the University who hold the academic rank of Professor; Associate Professor; Assistant Professor; Professor, Teaching Stream; Associate Professor, Teaching Stream; Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream; Lecturer and Senior Lecturer; Tutor and Senior Tutor; Assistant Professor (Conditional); Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream (Conditional); Sessional Lecturer I, Sessional Lecturer II, Sessional Lecturer III, Athletics Instructor and Senior Athletics Instructor but does not include any part-time lecturer who is registered as a student. For this purpose, “Lecturer” also includes Associates in the Faculty of Dentistry.