Report #344

DATE: September 1, 2010
PARTIES: I.S., (the Student) v. UTM

Hearing Date(s): June 23, 2010

Committee Members:
Professor Lorne Sossin, Chair
John Stewart
Professor Ellen Hodnett
Dr. Joel Kirsh
Jemy Joseph


For the Student Appellant:
I.S. (the Student)

For the UTM:
Professor Angela Lange

UTM – withdrawal without penalty – stress – family situation – airline complication – insufficient amount coursework returned by withdrawal deadline – previous withdrawal without academic penalty after deadline – UTM policy regarding withdrawal without academic penalty – three withdrawals after withdrawal deadline allowed – policy not in place at the time of the withdrawal – perception of inconsistency – unpersuasive excuse for missed deadline – appeal dismissed

Appeal of a decision to deny the Student permission to withdraw without penalty from a course. The Student submitted that he had experienced stress and a family situation which prevented him from focusing on his studies. The Student further missed the deadline for withdrawal without penalty due to airline complications on the return flight from a trip to a relative’s wedding. The Student further submitted he had only received 20% of their grade by the deadline which prevented him from making an informed decision about dropping the course. The Student also argued that he had previously withdrawn without academic penalty in other classes after the deadline. UTM confirmed that a policy was put in place permitting students late withdrawal in up to three classes. The Committee heard, though, that such a policy was not in place at the time the Student sought to withdraw. The Committee noted to UTM that the current policy permitting a number of late withdrawals creates a perception of inconsistency. The Committee agreed, though, with the Academic Appeals Board and found the Student’s excuse for missing the deadline unpersuasive. Appeal dismissed.