Academic Appeals

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Downtown Legal Services (DLS) can help! DLS is a legal clinic with experience representing students in the academic appeals process. It is located on the University of Toronto campus and provides free legal services to students who qualify.

IMPORTANT: In light of the COVID 19 situation, the ADFG Office staff will be working remotely until further notice. We are working on an individual basis with parties and chairs to ensure AAC hearings can proceed as planned using an electronic hearing format.

NOTE: We are currently suspending the requirement that parties file five hard copies of materials until further notice. If you want to file an appeal, you may send an electronic copy of all of your materials, including the Notice of Academic Appeal Form, to the ADFG Staff at;;; and Please review the “What documents do I need in order to file my appeal” page to understand the filing and accessibility requirements for electronic documents.”

Downtown Legal Services has been operating remotely since June 1, 2020. Please contact their Office if you wish to consult their services.

To find out whether you have met the criteria to file an appeal with the ADFG Office, please see the When Can I File an Appeal? section.

The Academic Appeals Committee serves three functions:

  1. To hear and consider appeals made by students against decisions of faculty, college or school councils (or committees thereof) in the application of academic regulations and requirements. Decisions of the Academic Appeals Committee are final.
  2. To advise the Academic Board on policy with respect to academic appeals throughout The University and on Divisional appeal procedures.
  3. To determine detailed procedures in its own operations.

The ADFG Office is responsible for managing the administration of the Academic Appeals Committee.

Please note: the contents of the web site, where possible, have been written in simplified language. Should a question/dispute arise where the language in the web site differs from the Terms of Reference, the Terms of Reference will prevail.

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Click below for an easy-to-understand flowchart illustrating the entire academic appeals process.