Our Role

The Office of Appeals, Discipline and Faculty Grievances (ADFG) is neutral, and is responsible for the administration of a number of quasi-judicial processes that fall under the Office of the Governing Council. The Office is usually only involved at the last step of a process, and not during the earlier stages.  Some of the processes that the ADFG Office supports relate to the following: Academic Appeals, Academic Discipline (also known as Tribunal matters), Non-Academic Discipline, Discipline Appeals, Faculty Tenure Appeals, Faculty Grievances, CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Advancement Review, University-Mandated Leave of Absence, Clinical Faculty Grievances and Clinical Academic Complaints, among others. Please use the navigation menu on the top for more detailed information related to each of the processes listed above.

The Office acts as an information and educational resource for students, staff and faculty regarding policies, procedures and practices related to these processes. The Office does not advocate for a particular side, but rather, ensures that the processes are followed. As such, the Office does not provide substantive or legal advice, but rather, provides information regarding the various processes. If you are a student looking for advice or representation, please click here.

Generally, the Office’s processes involve canvassing parties for dates, composing panels, scheduling hearings, issuing correspondence and decisions, acting as recording secretary at hearings, and governance reporting.

If you are unsure about which process your case falls under, please click here.