Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment

All members of the University of Toronto community should have the ability to study, work, and live in a campus environment free from sexual violence, including sexual assault and sexual harassment.  Sexual violence is a serious issue that undermines the health, well-being, and security of individuals, communities and society. 

Accordingly, the University has developed a process to address incidents of sexual violence involving students, staff and faculty, and to ensure that those members of the University community who are affected by sexual violence receive support. The process for addressing sexual violence is set out in the University’s Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment, 2017.  The process provides for the possible disclosure and/or reporting, assessment, investigation, and adjudication of an alleged incident of sexual violence. 

In the event that a student is the respondent in a sexual violence investigation, an investigation report will be reviewed by the Vice-Provost, Students (or delegate) to determine whether the matter will be referred to a hearing under the University’s Code of Student Conduct.  If the matter is referred to a hearing, a Hearing Officer will be appointed in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Student Conduct to determine whether or not sexual violence occurred and, if so, the appropriate sanction.  Under the Code of Student Conduct, an appeal from the decision of a Hearing Officer may be made to the Discipline Appeals Board.