Report #304

DATE: October 18, 2005
PARTIES: Ms B (The Student) v. UTM

Hearing Date(s): September 27, 2005

Committee Members:
Professor Emeritus R. Scane (Chair)
Professor C. Beghtol
Professor P. Byer
Mr. R. Campbell
Professor Ian McDonald

Dr. A.Gray, Judicial Affairs Officer

In Attendance:

For the Student Appellant:

Ms B (The Student)

For UTM:
Professor G. Anderson

UTM – request for early return from three year suspension – failure to attain the required sessional and cumulative GPA – no mitigating factors contributing to academic performance – desired maturation had not occurred – Student did not realistically evaluate prospects – no consideration or investigation of likelihood of admission to education faculty – self–appraisal not reliable – appeal dismissed

Request to return early from a three year suspension. The Student was suspended for failure to attain the required sessional and cumulative GPA. The Student did not claim any mitigating circumstances contributed to her poor academic performance. The Student claimed that, during her recent suspension, she had gained maturity, and come to appreciate the value of an education. The Committee considered the policy underlying academic sanctions and the Student’s academic history and found that the desired maturation had not occurred and that she had not realistically evaluated her prospects. The Student requested to resume her studies immediately but did not have a plan as to what courses she would select and she did not appear to have considered or investigated the likelihood of admission to an education faculty with her academic record. The Committee found that the Student presented herself well but that her failure to capitalize on the opportunity afforded to her by the lifting of a previous suspension seriously diminished the reliability of her self–appraisal. Appeal dismissed.