Report #356

DATE: July 26, 2011
PARTIES: R.J., (the Student) v. the Faculty of Arts and Science

Hearing Date(s): June 24, 2011

Committee Members:
Prof. Markus Dubber, Chair
Prof. Elizabeth Smyth
Mr. james Park


For the Student Appellant:
Ms. R.J. (the Student)

For the University:
Ms. Cheryl Shook
Prof. Anne-Marie Brousseau

Faculty of Arts and Science – request to re-write final examination – claimed disruptive condition at the exam – WC attempted to address the Student’s concern on the day of the exam – Committee satisfied with the effort and found no evidence of disruptive condition – medical certificates did not indicate a sufficiently severe medical condition – Student had the option to take a different course that would allow her to later join FAS programs – Committee encouraged the Student to seek academic support – appeal dismissed

Request to re-write a final examination. The Student made the request on various grounds, primarily focusing on the “unregulated environment” of the exam including loud noises and the “unmannerly” conduct of other students. Woodsworth College attempted to address the Student’s concern on the day of the exam and suggested that the Student petition for deferral if she found their efforts unsatisfactory. No other student among the 150 who wrote the exam made a complaint. The Committee was satisfied by the great care exercised by Woodsworth College in addressing her case and found that there was no evidence of the disruptive condition claimed by the Student. The Committee also found that the medical certificates submitted by the Student did not indicate a medical condition of sufficient severity that would have allowed her to defer the exam on medical grounds. The Committee noted that the Academic Bridging Program was designed to prepare students to function within the regular curriculum in the Faculty of Arts & Science; even though the Student failed the course and was not permitted to retake the course, the Student had the option to take another course which would allow her to demonstrate the requisite academic maturity and skills to join FAS programs. The Committee stated its sympathy for the Student’s case and strongly encouraged the Student to avail herself to the academic support at the Academic Bridging Program. Appeal dismissed.