What Happens After Being Charged by the Provost?

ADFG Office

If the Provost has laid charges, the ADFG Office will send you a letter to provide you with information about the academic discipline process and where you can get assistance with your case.

The ADFG Office will also schedule a hearing date.

Once a hearing, including date, time and room location has been confirmed, a Notice of Hearing will be issued in writing. Click here to see a sample Notice of Hearing.

NOTE: The hearing may proceed in your absence if you do not attend.

Discipline Counsel

Discipline Counsel presents the case for the Provost at the hearing. They will provide disclosure of relevant evidence to you in advance of the hearing.

Discipline Counsel will usually attempt to contact you or your representative to discuss your hearing. They may explore whether the issues can be narrowed, and whether they can come to an agreement with you on any facts or proposed sanctions.

Discipline Counsel will also provide disclosure. This means that you or your legal counsel will receive a package of documents which contains all the information that has been assembled by the Faculty or Division and the Provost's Office during the investigation of the alleged misconduct, including transcripts of meetings with the Dean or Dean's designate.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for the following:

  • Obtaining representation, if desired, as early in the process as possible;
  • Cooperating with scheduling the hearing dates;
  • Preparing for the hearing;
  • Obtaining any medical or other evidence you wish to rely on at the hearing;
  • Attending and participating in the hearing.