Report 289


January 30, 2004


Mr. M. v. UTM

Hearing Date(s):

October 31, 2003

Committee Members:

Professor Ed Morgan (Chair)
Mr. Sachin Aggarwal
Professor Mary Beattie
Professor Clare Beghtol
Dr. Alice Dong


Mr. P. Holmes, Judicial Affairs Officer


For The Student:

Mr. M.

For UTM:

Professor Gordon Anderson

Request for a second extension of time to have term work graded in the course. The Faculty had granted the Student an extension to complete two term essays. The Student was first given a vague date as to the extended due date but the Faculty followed–up with a firm date soon after. The due date was re–extended twice to accommodate the Student. The Student claimed that he had automotive problems on his drive back from a vacation weekend, and that he encountered lengthy lines at the library computer terminals when he went to use the library’s facilities. One of the two term essays was not delivered by the final revised deadline. The Student claimed that he submitted the second essay electronically before the revised deadline and later realized that it had not been received. Only the one term essay was graded and the Student failed the course. The Committee observed that the Student was given numerous extensions and had ample time to complete the assigned work, and that his failure to submit the second term paper by the extended deadline was a result of having left himself insufficient time to complete it. The Committee stated that the Faculty was not at fault for the Student’s complaints. Appeal dismissed. The Committee recommended that the Faculty specify a firm time and date on which an assignment is due when granting extensions.