When Will My Hearing be Scheduled?

Hearings are held three times a year over one (1) week during the months of October/November, March and May/June. Therefore, hearing dates and times are limited.

The ADFG Office will set your Academic Appeal hearing for the first available hearing date based on the expected submission date of all of the materials from you and the Division. For example, if you file your appeal at the end of June, the Division will have 60 days to file its Response. This will likely occur at the end of August. You will then have two (2) weeks to submit a Reply, which will give you until mid-September. The materials are then distributed to your panel at least three (3) to four (4) weeks in advance of your hearing. Therefore if the October/November hearing week is towards the end of October your matter will be heard at that time. Students are contacted well in advance of the potential hearing dates to determine their availability. You are expected to be available to attend your hearing.

If you are unable to attend your hearing during the scheduled hearing weeks, a formal written request will have to be made to the Senior Chair, Prof. Hamish Stewart via the ADFG Office, located at:

27 King's College Circle, Room 106
Simcoe Hall
Toronto, ON
M5S 1A1