Extra Tickets

If tickets become available because members of the graduating class are not attending their convocation, they will be released to those who have replied via our online form indicating that they will be attending. You can request extra tickets via our online RSVP and Ticket Request form available through ACORN between October 13 to 23. The RSVP and Guest Ticket Request form will close on October 23 (11:59 PM).

Not all ceremonies will have the option to request extra tickets.

Confirmation of your allotment of extra tickets (if requested and granted) will be available after 10 AM on October 27 through ACORN.

Please Note - non-guaranteed extra tickets are NOT allotted on a first come, first served basis. Everyone who requests non-guaranteed extra tickets during the RSVP period has equal access to any available non-guaranteed extra tickets. Non-guaranteed extra tickets are allotted, after the RSVP deadline, via a random algorithm.

Tickets are not transferable. There is no charge for convocation tickets and sale of convocation tickets is strictly prohibited.