2022 Call for Applications - Community/Alumni Members of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Council


Emma Thacker, Assistant Secretary of the Governing Council, is requesting your assistance in identifying well-qualified alumni and other individuals from the broader community with a close relationship to UTSC, who are not members of the Governing Council, to apply to serve as volunteer members on the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) Campus Council and Campus Affairs Committee.

Please note that the positions listed below are unpaid; members of the UTSC Campus Council and its Committees serve as volunteers, as do all members of the Governing Council and its other Boards and Committees.

Positions Available for Community/Alumni Members

There are three (3) community member vacancies: Two (2) on the UTSC Campus Council, and one (1) on the UTSC Campus Affairs Committee. The successful applicants will be invited to serve a term effective July 1, 2022 until June 30, 2025. Current community members whose terms are ending may reapply for consideration.

Online Application Form

The 2022 online application form for Community/Alumni Members is available below.


Completed application forms must be submitted online by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 14, 2022.

Detailed information on the UTSC Campus Council and its Standing Committees, members’ responsibilities, and the selection process is included below.

Selection Criteria

The UTSC Agenda Committee will serve as a Nominating Committee for community/alumni members of the UTSC Campus Council and its Standing Committees. The Nominating Committee will meet in April of 2022 to review and recommend nominations. The Committee’s recommendations for appointments will then be forwarded to the UTSC Campus Council for final approval.

As part of the selection process, the Nominating Committee will consider the knowledge, skills, and experience of each applicant. The Committee will be guided by the Report of the Task Force on Governance. Diverse representation from the UTSC’s community, as well as from key stakeholders is highly encouraged, so that the governance bodies may benefit from the varied views of community/alumni members. In addition, the Nominating Committee will be guided by Section 1.1 of the Election Guidelines, which notes:

“Building a culture of belonging increases our capacity to effectively address and serve the interests of our global community. Therefore, the University of Toronto is working to correct inequities that were developed historically and are ongoing. We strongly encourage nominations from Indigenous Peoples, Black and racialized persons, women, persons with disabilities, and people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. We value nominees who have demonstrated a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and recognize that diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise are essential to strengthening our academic mission. We are committed to fostering a community of belonging and creating inclusive conditions in which everyone can thrive” (Election Guidelines, 2022, p. 10).

The UTSC Nominating Committee will also consider candidate criteria that includes:

  • Past or current involvement and/or contributions to UTSC;
  • Experience participating on a governance Board and/or Committee, particularly in not-for-profit or public-sector organizations;
  • A champion for the UTSC community and eastern Greater Toronto Area (GTA);
  • Understanding of the objectives and priorities of UTSC as set out in the UTSC Strategic Plan: Inspiring Inclusive Excellence.

Background Information

The UTSC Campus Council is a governance body that has been established by and Reports to the Governing Council. It is comparable to a Board of the Governing Council. On behalf of the Governing Council, the UTSC Campus Council exercises governance oversight on campus specific matters. In general, it is concerned with the Campus' objectives and priorities, the development of short- and long-term plans, and the effective use of resources in the course of these pursuits.

The UTSC Campus Affairs Committee is concerned with matters that directly affect the quality of student and campus life. The Committee is also responsible to monitoring, reviewing, and making recommendations concerning a broad range of planning issues and priorities and for the use of campus resources. Many of the matters within the Committee's scope are matters that have an impact on relationships amongst units on the campus and relationships between the campus and the community at large. The Committee recommends matters for approval to the appropriate body of the Governing Council, through the UTSC Campus Council.

Before applying, prospective applicants are encouraged to read the Terms of Reference for the UTSC Campus Council and the Campus Affairs Committee.

Please click here to view an organization chart of the Governing Council and its bodies.


Meetings and Member Expectations

The UTSC Campus Council and Campus Affairs Committee each meet approximately six times per year between September and June. Community members who sit on the Campus Council may also be appointed to serve on another Standing Committee. Members are expected to attend all or almost all of the scheduled meetings. Applicants are also encouraged to review the Expectations and Attributes of Governors and Key Principles of Ethical Conduct, which apply to all members of the Governing Council and its bodies.

For more information:

If you have any questions about serving on the UTSC Campus Council and its Standing Committees, please contact:

Emma Thacker, MA
Assistant Secretary of the Governing Council
University of Toronto Scarborough
E: em.thacker@utoronto.ca
E: campuscouncil.utsc@utoronto.ca