What Documents Do I Need in Order to File my Appeal?

In order to file an appeal with the ADFG Office, you must provide the following:

Notice of Appeal Form

• A copy of the Decision from the Divisional Appeals Board denying your appeal or the equivalent

• A statement written by you or your representative/Counsel setting out:
1) the grounds of your appeal (e.g. medical, compassionate, financial, etc.);
2) the remedy that you are seeking (e.g. late withdrawal without academic penalty, permission to write a deferred exam, etc.); and,
3) a brief description of the background to your appeal (in your own words, describe what happened).

• Any documentary evidence that you intend to rely upon in support of your appeal (e.g. U of T medical certificate, email correspondence, petition forms, financial statements, etc.). Normally, you will not be allowed to add new documents past the 90 day deadline.

• If your matter is urgent and needs to be rushed to a hearing, you will be required to state this in your appeal package and provide written reason(s) for this request. Please note that a request for an expedited appeal does not mean it will be granted.

• Normally, there are predetermined hearing weeks in which hearings are scheduled. However, you can make a request to have your hearing heard outside of the set hearing weeks, but you will also need to provide written reasons for this request. Please note, this is only granted in exceptional circumstances.

• For more information on hearing scheduling, please see When Will My Hearing Be Scheduled?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your appeal has to meet ALL of the above criteria and be filed with the ADFG Office by the 90th calendar day from the decision of your Division's final appeal body. Please submit 5 hard copies and an electronic copy of all your appeal materials, including attachments. The ADFG Office has the right not to accept your appeal and to close your file if one or more of the above criteria are not met by the deadline. You are urged to file your materials prior to the 90th calendar day in case it is not complete.