Re: Appointment of Interim President

Re: Appointment of Interim President

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Rose M. Patten
Chair of the Governing Council

Date: August 16, 2004

Re:  Appointment of Interim President

I am delighted to announce that, at its meeting earlier today, the Governing Council approved the appointment of The Honourable Frank Iacobucci as Interim President of the University of Toronto.  His appointment is effective September 1, 2004 and will continue until June 30, 2005 or until a new President is appointed and takes office, whichever comes first.  Professor Robert J. Birgeneau will be named Past President as of September 1.  Until September 15, Dr. Iacobucci will work with Professor Birgeneau on the transfer of key files and other transition issues.

Dr. Iacobucci’s successful University background as an accomplished academic administrator and scholar, and his unwavering passion for the University of Toronto, will result in outstanding leadership and contribution to advancing our mission.  His impeccable credentials, his personal qualities and all-round excellence mirror everything this great University stands for.  He is an extraordinary individual.

Whether an Interim or permanent President, it is essential that we have outstanding, broad-based leadership and Dr. Iacobucci certainly exemplifies this.  His exceptional abilities have been repeatedly demonstrated throughout each phase of his career.  His fluency with the University culture and history, and his effectiveness in a range of complex organizations and circumstances, will enable him to move immediately on the University’s priorities.

Dr. Iacobucci has had a long and distinguished history with the University of Toronto and he enjoys enormous respect and affection within the University, both as a scholar and administrator.  He has served in leadership roles as Dean of the Faculty of Law and as Vice-President and Provost, in addition to the role of Vice-President, Internal Affairs under President Evans.  He is one of very few people to have twice been a Vice-President in two different decades.  Outside the University, but never distant from it, Dr. Iacobucci, has held distinguished national roles as Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General of Canada, Chief Justice, Federal Court of Canada, and most recently as Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.  His stature within government and public policy arenas is indeed remarkable, both federally and provincially.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for your contribution to this critical appointment and to making the process such a rewarding experience for me as Chair.  The engagement of our community in the wide and deep consultation was truly gratifying and the advice that emerged reflected deep thought and commitment to the ongoing success of our University.  A significant number of capable and dedicated candidates were identified, all of whom represent the high standards of our institution.  Now, after a thoughtful and deliberate decision process, I am confident that the appointment of Dr. Iacobucci will ensure that we continue our forward momentum over the next many months.

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