I've Filed my Appeal, Now What?

Once your Notice of Appeal has been filed with the ADFG Office, your materials will be reviewed to determine if they are complete. If the appeal package is determined to be complete, it will be forwarded to your respective Division.

PLEASE NOTE: The ADFG Office cannot provide you with advice on the merits of your case or legal advice regarding your appeal.

However, if your appeal package is not complete (e.g. missing supporting documents, missing your requested remedy, etc.) the ADFG Office may notify you about missing documents or information that you will be required to submit to the Office to complete your appeal package.

You must submit all materials by the 90th calendar day. Therefore, you are advised to submit your appeal before the 90th day in case you realize that you have forgotten certain material or evidence.

If you do not forward all of your materials to the ADFG Office by the deadline, you might not be permitted to submit them at a later date, or your file may be closed if it is determined that it is not complete.