UTM Campus Affairs Committee Membership 2023 - 2024

Constituency Position Name
Administrative Staff Member Ferlito, Laura
Administrative Staff Member Silver, Jessica
Administrative Staff Member Wener, Ron
Administrative Staff Member Zahedi, Payam
Community Member TBD
Community Member Member Kakaflikas, Christina
Community Member Member Kwan Anderson, Karen
Community Member Member Thomas, Jada
Ex Officio TBD
Ex Officio Non-Voting Member Drummond, Sheree
Ex Officio President Gertler, Meric
Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Hanington, Sandra
Ex Officio Acting Vice-President & Principal, UTM Orchard, Ian
Ex Officio Chancellor Patten, Rose
Graduate Student Member Wahid, Muhammad
Librarian TBD
Presidential Assessors Voting Assessor Barber, Luke
Presidential Assessors Voting Assessor Overton, Mark
Presidential Assessors Voting Assessor Rule, Nicholas
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Azhari, Ahmed
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Esteban, Christine
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Nuttall, Chad
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Urie, Andrea
Student TBD
Teaching Staff TBD
Teaching Staff Member Abdalahad, Nagham
Teaching Staff Vice-Chair Chiuzi, Rafael
Teaching Staff Member Flores, Jerry
Teaching Staff Member Gniadek, Melissa
Teaching Staff Member Grimaldi, Adriana
Teaching Staff Member He, Yuhong
Teaching Staff Member Laflamme, Marc
Teaching Staff Member Yu, Kathleen
Undergraduate Student Member Anand, Rajveer
Undergraduate Student Member Bhatt, Dhruva
Undergraduate Student Member Durkiewicz, Jan
Undergraduate Student Member Paweewan, Thammathorn
Undergraduate Student Member Seelochan, Phoenix