Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Governing Council

Chair Vice-Chair Years of Service
Charles Malim Harding William Bowles Harris 1972-1975
Charles Malim Harding Sydney M. Hermant 1975-1976
Marnie Paikin Sydney M. Hermant 1976-1978
Marnie Paikin William Hartley 1978-1980
Terence Albert Wardrop Edwin Kendall Cork 1980-1982
John (Jack) A. Whitten William John Corcoran 1982-1984
St. Clair Balfour III William A. M. Birt 1984-1985
St. Clair Balfour III Joan R. Randall 1985-1988
Joan R. Randall John R. Gardner 1988-1989
Robert James McGavin Annamarie P. Castrilli 1989-1993
Annamarie P. Castrilli F. Anthony Comper 1993-1995
F. Anthony Comper Wendy M. Cecil 1995-1998
Wendy M. Cecil Mary Anne V. Chambers 1998-2001
Wendy M. Cecil Thomas H. Simpson 2001-2002
Thomas H. Simpson Rose M. Patten 2002-2004
Rose M. Patten John F. (Jack) Petch 2004-2007
John F. (Jack) Petch Alice Dong 2007-2010
John F. (Jack) Petch Richard B. Nunn 2010-2011
Richard B. Nunn Judy G. Goldring 2011-2013
Judy G. Goldring Shirley Hoy 2013-2016
Shirley Hoy N. Jane Pepino 2016-2017
Claire M.C. Kennedy N. Jane Pepino 2017-2020
Claire M.C. Kennedy Brian D. Lawson 2020-2021
Brian D. Lawson Janet L. Ecker 2021-2022
Janet L. Ecker Anna Kennedy 2022-2023
Anna Kennedy Sandra Hanington 2023-Present