Case #59

DATE: October 30, 2000

PARTIES: University of Toronto v. Mr. C.

HEARING DATE: October 10, 2000

Panel Members:
J. Hannaford, Chair

T. Costigan, Counsel for C
L. Rothstein, Senior Discipline Counsel

The Student attended a final examination at the University and presented himself as T.P., another student. The Student wrote the final examination in T.P.’s name and under his student number, and was found guilty of impersonation.

The Panel did not find any extenuating circumstances at all with respect to the Student. It noted the difficulty in locating the Student which may have contributed to the delay in having the matters brought to trial. The Panel recommended expulsion from the University; and publication by the Provost of a notice of the decision and sanction imposed with the Student’s name withheld.