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Rose M. Patten
Chair of the Governing Council

Date: January 6, 2005

Re:  Presidential Search Committee: 
     (1) Position Specification 
     (2) Call for Nominations
(1) Position Specification

I am pleased to forward to you the position specification developed by the Presidential Search Committee through its wide consultations during the months of October, November and December.  Your enthusiastic and thoughtful participation resulted in rich and comprehensive input.  As a Committee, we feel confident that, to the greatest extent possible, the many dimensions of the University and of the position of President have been carefully considered.  Once again, thank you for your contribution.
In addition to the broad dissemination of this document, the Committee has also prepared the attached advertisement, which will appear shortly in several publications.  They include the Canadian Association of University Teachers’ Bulletin, the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Globe and Mail, the Times Higher Education Supplement, and University Affairs.

(2) Call for Nominations

The Search Committee welcomes nominations for the 15th President of the University of Toronto and asks for submissions by January 31, 2005.  We expect that, through your nominations and through recruitment and advertising activities, the majority of names for consideration will be received by that time.  Our search advisors, Janet Wright and Associates Inc., will be working actively with us in seeking nominations and recruiting excellent candidates for the position.

The President of the University of Toronto is required by statute to be a Canadian citizen, and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

Nominations and applications, including the qualifications and accomplishments on the basis of which the individual merits consideration, should be submitted in confidence to:

Janet Wright and Associates Inc.
21 Bedford Road, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario  M5R 2J9

Fax:  416-923-8311

Please send any questions or comments to: