What are Interim Conditions and Measures?

For a detailed explanation of interim conditions and interim measures, please see Section D.1 & 2 of the Code of Student Conduct.

In urgent situations and while the investigation is pending, interim conditions or interim measures may be imposed. Interim conditions and interim measures are temporary limitations that are imposed on you for the purposes of ensuring the safety of the University community, the property of the University and the legitimate operations of the University. Interim conditions and interim measures are in no way to be construed as indicative of guilt.

Interim Conditions

After a complaint is filed, the head of the Division (“Dean”) may impose interim conditions on you in order to protect the safety of other students and members of the University community. However, interim conditions are in no way to be construed as indicative of guilt. The specifics of each interim condition are determined by your division. In determining the interim conditions, the need for others’ safety is balanced with fairness to you. Interim conditions remain in place until the charges are disposed of in accordance with the Code’s procedures.

Interim Measures

Alternately, after a complaint is filed, the Dean may request the imposition of interim measures on you. Where the Dean has requested an investigation by the Investigating Officer and the investigation is pending, the Vice-President & Provost (or delegate) may, on the advice of the Dean, suspend you temporarily for up to 3 working days. You shall be informed immediately in writing of the reasons for the suspension and shall be given the opportunity to respond.

Interim measures are imposed only if, in the opinion of the Vice-President & Provost (or delegate), there is reasonable apprehension that the safety of others is endangered, damage to University property is likely to occur, or your continued presence would be disruptive to the legitimate operations of the University.

Temporary suspensions are reviewed by the Vice-President & Provost (or delegate) within the three (3) day temporary suspension period, following a preliminary investigation. The Vice-President & Provost (or delegate) either revokes or continues the suspension.

If the suspension is continued, the Student(s) may appeal to the Senior Chair (or delegate), or the Associate Chair (or delegate) of the University Tribunal, who shall hear and decide on the appeal within five (5) days.