Division Investigating Officers Hearing Officers
Applied Science and Engineering Ms. Caroline Ziegler Ms. Cathy Grilo
Architecture, Landscape and Design Ms. Andrea McGee Prof. Robert Levit
Dentistry Dr. Douglas Deporter Prof. Ernest W.N. Lam
Innis College Mr. Steve Masse Prof. Roger E. Riendeau

Ms. Barbara Brophey

Mr. Steve Manchur

Prof. Peter Donnelly
Law Ms. Sara Faherty

Prof. Jim Phillips

Medicine TBD Dr. Blake C. Papsin
Music Prof. Robin Elliott Prof. Lorna Eleanor MacDonald
New College Dr. Ron G. Wilson Mr. Bruce Russell
Nursing Ms. Arleen Morrin Prof. Martine Puts

Prof. Vinita Arora

Prof. Lachmi Singh

Mr. Marvin James

Dr. Thomas E.R. Brown
School of Continuing Studies Ms. Amy Baier Mr. Cameron Clairmont
School of Graduate Studies Prof. Bonnie Kirsh Prof. Jim Phillips
St. Michael's College Mrs. Effie Slapnicar Prof. Brent Miles
Transitional Year Program Ms. Maru Rodriguez TBD
Trinity College Prof. Michael Kessler Dr. Jonathan Steels
University College Prof. Andrea Williams Prof. Emily Gilbert

Ms. Tamara Breukelman

Prof. Marc Laflamme

Ms. Felicity Morgan (Investigating Officer

& Hearing Officer)

UTSC Prof. Andrew McDougall Mr. Brent Duguid
Victoria University Ms. Kelley Castle Prof. Paul W. Gooch
Woodsworth College

Mr. Curtis Norman

Ms. Sarah Witol

Dr. W. Brock MacDonald
Members Investigating Officers Only Hearing Officers Only
Ms. Alexis Archbold Mr. Rob Centa Ms. Erin Dann
Mr. Vikram Sainadh Chadalawada Prof. Paul Kingston Mr. Dean Embry
Prof. Donald N. Dewees Ms. Vanessa Laufer Mr. Nader R. Hasan
Ms. Sara Faherty Mr. Steve Masse Ms. Lori Anne Thomas
Mr. Sinisa Markovic Ms. Melinda Scott
Ms. Andrea McGee Ms. Kim Snell
Ms. Cheryl Milne
Mr. Dale Mullings
Prof. Jim Philips
Prof. Karen D. Rice
Ms. Caroline Ziegler

For more information on how Investigating Officers and Hearing Officers are appointed, please see Section C.2.(a)-(c) of the Code of Student Conduct.

(a) An Investigating Officer is appointed for a term of up to three years by the Principal, Dean or Director ("head") of each faculty, college or school ("Division"), after consultation with the elected student leader or leaders of the Division. Investigating Officers hold office until their successors are appointed.

(b) A Hearing Officer is appointed for a term of up to three years by the council of each Division. Hearing Officers hold office until their successors are appointed.

(c) If the Investigating Officer is unable to conduct an investigation, or the Hearing Officer is unable to conduct a hearing, or where the head of the Division believes on reasonable grounds that the appointed officer is inappropriate to conduct the particular investigation or chair a particular hearing, then the head of the division will seek an appointment from the central pool for that particular case. If the head of the Division intends to request either suspension from registration or expulsion from the University as a sanction in a particular case, or if the case appears to require a Hearing Officer with legal qualifications, then the Senior Chair of the University Tribunal may, on the application of the head of the Division, appoint a legally qualified person as Hearing Officer for the particular case.