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*NOTE: If you are a Graduate student, please contact the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Registrar's Office directly for assistance.

Key Documents

Academic Appeals Committee Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference spell out the Academic Appeals Committee's membership, function, and procedures.

Framework for the Divisional Appeals Processes

The Framework provides guidance for establishing divisional appeals processes and includes checklists and suggested best practices that allow for consistency and fairness across the University, while ensuring appropriate flexibility for divisions.

Notice of Appeal Form

The Notice of Appeal Form is part of a student's Notice of Appeal package required by the ADFG Office. Any appeal made by a student to the ADFG Office must include this form and be submitted in electronic format.

Policy on Academic Appeals within Divisions

The Policy on Academic Appeals Within Divisions sets out guiding principles, the definition of an appeal, guidelines for Divisions, the right of appeal, and implementation and monitoring procedures for appeals.

Practice Direction on Reconsiderations

The Academic Appeals Committee’s Terms of Reference provide that its decisions “shall be final.” Accordingly, requests for reconsideration of its decisions will not be accepted.

Dated: June 29, 2022

Hamish Stewart, Senior Chair
Academic Appeals Committee