Chairs Teaching Staff Students

Prof. Hamish Stewart (Senior Chair)

Prof. Stark Draper

Mr. Andrew Chen

Ms. Sara Faherty

Dr. K. Sonu Gaind

Ms. Susan Froom

Prof. Andrew Green Prof. Vina Goghari Mr. Amin Kamaleddin
Mr. John Monahan Prof. Shashi Kant Mr. Evan Kanter
Dr. Erika Murray

Dr. Ernest W.N. Lam

Ms. Karen Ng
Prof. Stephen Waddams Prof. Mark Lautens Ms. Mozynah Nofal
Prof. Ron Levi Mr. Kenneth Williams
Prof. Jan K. Mahrt-Smith Ms. Vishar Yaghoubian
Prof. Douglas E. McDougall
Prof. Salvatore M. Spadafora
Prof. Nhung Tuyet Tran
Dr. Veronica Wadey
Ex Officio

Mr. Brian D. Lawson

(Chair of the Governing Council)

Ms. Janet L. Ecker

(Vice-Chair of the Governing Council)

Dr. Rose M. Patten (Chancellor)

Prof. Meric S. Gertler (President)

Ms. Sheree Drummond

(Secretary of the Governing Council)

All Academic Appeals Committee (AAC) Chairs and members are part of the University community and serve on a voluntary basis.


Academic Appeals Committee Chairs are formally appointed by the following process:


“The Academic Board appoints […] the Senior Chair and Chairs of the Academic Appeals Committee, on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee for the University Tribunal and Academic Appeals Committee” (Section 5.2.6.C.iii., Academic Board Terms of Reference).


Continuing and New Chairs

  • In consultation with the Nominating Committee, the current Senior Chair is asked if he or she wishes to continue as the Senior Chair of the AAC for an additional term. The membership term for the AAC Senior Chair is one year.
  • Upon invitation by the Director, ADFG, and in consultation with the Chair of the Nominating Committee and the Senior Chair of the AAC, the current AAC Chairs are asked if they wish to continue as AAC Chairs for an additional term. The membership term for AAC Chairs is one year.
  • If there is a need for new AAC Chairs, the Chair of the Nominating Committee, in consultation with various parties, presents a list of nominees and their biographies to the members of the Nominating Committee, including a list of those up for re-appointment. Each nominee is legally qualified (a lawyer) and is either a University faculty member or a very senior member of the University administrative staff.
  • The Nominating Committee sends the list of candidates to the Academic Board, which considers the list during its last meeting of the governance year (May or June).
  • The approved individuals are then added to the AAC membership list, which is posted online.


Academic Appeals Committee members are formally appointed by the following process:
*Currently, there are 20 members on the AAC (12 teaching staff and 8 students), all of whom are governors.


“**Governing Council shall appoint Governing Council members of the Committee” (Page 1 footnote, Academic Appeals Committee Terms of Reference).

  • Near the end of the governance year, Governing Council (GC) announces the election results, revealing the governors of the next governance year. Some of the governors will have been governors previously, while others are new to GC.
  • All teaching staff and student governors are automatically appointed as members of the AAC.
  • The individuals are added to the AAC membership list, which is posted online.
  • Usually no member is allowed to sit on a panel until they have attended mandatory training.