You and the Division can generally expect to receive a decision within four to six weeks after the hearing.  However, it can take longer depending on the case, for example, if you have filed multiple appeals that are heard by the same panel.

The process of issuing a decision is as follows.  Once the ADFG Office receives the draft decision from the panel, the Office will format it; conduct a fact and name check; circulate it to the panel again for their approval (only if there are changes), and, finally, the Office will release the decision to you and the Division and will post it online to the ADFG website because academic appeal decisions are public.  It will not contain your name.  The case and the decision will then be reported to the Academic Board.  The case will also be summarized in the case summaries section of the ADFG website.

ADFG Office

Academic Appeals Committee decisions are reported to the Academic Board and are generally published with the Student's name withheld. Full decisions from 1973 to 1999 are here, and from 2000 to the present are here.  Summaries are posted here.  Remedies imposed on the Student by the Academic Appeals Committee may also be published on the Repository of Student Information (ROSI).


The Provost's Office will receive notification of the Decision at the same time as the Student.


The Division will also be notified of the Decision, and it will make note of any remedies ordered by the panel on the Student's transcript and academic record, such as changes to course marks, etc.

Academic Board

Summaries of all decisions are reported semi-annually to the Academic Board, a sub-committee of the Governing Council.

An appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee (“AAC”) is the last internal avenue at the University. All of your normal University appeal routes related to the academic appeals process and policy have been exhausted.

Decisions of the AAC are final.

The Senior Chair issued a Practice Direction regarding requests to reconsider AAC’s final decisions. The Practice Direction dated June 29, 2022, provides:

“The Academic Appeals Committee’s Terms of Reference provide that its decisions “shall be final.” Accordingly, requests for reconsideration of its decisions will not be accepted.”