Importance of Academic Integrity

“The University of Toronto’s outstanding international reputation for academic excellence rests upon our ability to uphold the highest standards of academic conduct. At U of T we are committed to ensuring that no student will gain an advantage by violating our academic code of behaviour. Cheating undermines the value of everyone’s efforts, and all members of the U of T community need to work together to preserve academic integrity.”

- Professor Sioban Nelson, Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life

“The University and its members have a responsibility to ensure that a climate which might encourage, or conditions which might enable, cheating, misrepresentation or unfairness not be tolerated. To this end, all must acknowledge that seeking credit or other advantages by fraud or misrepresentation, or seeking to disadvantage others by disruptive behaviour is unacceptable, as is any dishonesty or unfairness in dealing with the work or record of a student.”

- Section B of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters

“At both the divisional level and the level of the University Tribunal, the procedures for handling charges of academic offences involving students reflect the gravity with which the University views such offences. At the same time, these procedures and those which ensure students the right of appeal represent the University’s commitment to fairness and the cause of justice.”

- Section C of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters