Report 399


November 8, 2018


Ms. J.P. (the “Student”) v. Faculty of Arts and Science, Woodsworth Colleg

Hearing Date(s):

Based on Written Submissions

Committee Members:

Hamish Stewart (Chair only)


The parties did not attend.

The Student appeals a decision of the Office of the Registrar, Woodsworth College, refusing to register her as a non-degree student for the Summer of 2017 and Fall 2018 terms owing to outstanding balances in her account with the University. The Registrar acted pursuant to the Policy on Academic Sanctions for Students who have Outstanding University Obligations (the “Policy”), section 3.3 which provides that registration will be refused for a student who has outstanding obligations. The Student argued that this section of the Policy did not apply to her because she was a “new" student, and not a “continuing” student. The Chair referred to section 2.1 of the AAC terms of reference, which provide that the AAC’s function is: “To hear and consider appeals made by students against decisions of a faculty, college or school councils (or committees thereof) in the application of academic regulations and requirements…” The Chair explained that applications of academic regulations and requirements typically concern the merit of a student’s work and the integrity of their academic record – such as course work, their standing in a program, or the reasonableness of a division’s decision in relation to an academic accommodation. The Chair concluded that the consequences of the Students’ financial relationship with the University for her ability to register; whether she was a “new” or “continuing” student was outside the jurisdiction of the AAC. Appeal dismissed.