Report #346

DATE: September 27, 2010
PARTIES: S.S. (the Student) v. UTSC

Hearing Date(s): August 25, 2010

Committee Members:
Tad Brown, Chair
Professor Ellen Hodnett
Professor Louise Lemieux-Charles
Dr. Chris Koenig-Woodyard
Jeff Peters


For the Student Appellant:
S.S. (the Student)

For the University of Toronto:
Professor Mark Schmuckler, Acting Vice-Dean, Undergraduate

UTSC – deferral of refusal of future registration – medical grounds – compassionate grounds – admitted “on condition” – previous refusal of future registration – previous petition for deferral of refusal of future registration granted – granted on the condition that no future deferrals be granted – Student Medical Certificate – date of Student Medical Certificate – Student Medical Certificate obtained after refusal of future registration – insufficient medical evidence – clear and consistent communication of expectations – expectations of UTSC – appeal dismissed – minority dissent

Appeal of a decision to deny the Student a deferral of the Registrar’s decision to refuse her future registration at UTSC. The Student appealed on medical and compassionate grounds and sought a remedy that would allow her the opportunity for further registration at UTSC. The Student first enrolled at the UTSC having not met normal admission requirements. The Student was admitted “on condition”, meaning she had to achieve a certain GPA. The Student GPA moved below this “on condition” threshold and was refused future registration. A previous petition to have the refusal of future registration deferred was granted on compassionate grounds. The Student re-enrolled and once again did not maintain the requisite GPA. The Student was then refused registration for a second time. The Student appealed on compassionate grounds, stating that a close family member had died which affected her ability to do well on examinations. The Student did not provide documentation in support of this submission. The Student also submitted a Student Medical Certificate stating she was suffering from illnesses. It was noted by the Committee that the Student did not visit the doctor in order to get the Student Medical Certificate until after being refused registration. The Committee found there was not sufficient evidence to support the Student’s petition on a medical basis. The Committee also found that UTSC was clear and consistent in its communications to the Student about the expectations of her and the consequences of failing to meet those requirements. The Committee further noted the previous granting of a deferral to refuse future registration at UTSC on compassionate grounds, which stated that no further deferrals would be granted. One member of the Committee dissented and would have granted the appeal on compassionate grounds. Appeal dismissed.