Report #319

DATE: June 13, 2007
PARTIES: Student Appellant v. UTSC

Hearing Date(s): May 22, 2007

Committee Members:
Assistant Dean Bonnie Goldberg, Chair
Professor Brian Corman
Ms Saswati Deb
Professor Glen Jones
Professor Arthur Ripstein

In Attendance:
Ms Cristina Oke, Assistant Secretary of the Governing Council
The Appellant
Associate Dean Nick Cheng, University of Toronto Scarborough

UTSC – request to re-write final examination – alternative request for aegrotat standing – Faculty appropriately applied its policies – special treatment of other students not substantiated – appeal dismissed

Request to re-write the final examination in a course. In the alternative, the Student requested that he receive a grade of aegrotat in the course. The Committee found that the Faculty fairly applied its policies regarding rewriting final exams and granting no credit or aegrotat standing: the Student’s marks were lower than the 10% drop threshold, relative to the class average, from term to final exam mark; he had no significant incomplete work; all his grades were below C–; and there was no medical evidence that indicated that he was unable to complete his work. The Committee found that the Student’s concerns about special treatment of other students were not substantiated. Appeal dismissed.