Report 317


April 9, 2007


Student Appellant v. UTM

Hearing Date(s):

March 22, 2007

Committee Members:

Assistant Dean Kaye Joachim, Chair
Professor Jan Angus
Ms. Coralie D’Souza
Professor William Gough
Dr. Joel Kirsh

Judicial Affairs Officer:

Dr. Anthony Gray


The Student Appellant

For UTM:

Gordon Anderson, Chair, Academic Appeals Board, UTM

Request for late withdrawal from two courses due to the Student’s ongoing anxiety and depression, and leave to file a late appeal to a subsequent decision of the Divisional Appeal Board denying late withdrawal from two other courses. The Committee considered the medical evidence presented and found that it did not suggest that the Student’s medical condition prevented or hindered her from withdrawing from two of the courses in a timely fashion. The Committee found that the Student’s claim that the subsequent lowering of her GPA was disproportionate to the “wrong” of failing to withdraw in time was not a valid reason for granting late withdrawal. The Committee considered the Student’s intention to file the notice of appeal to the Divisional Appeal Board decision denying her request for late withdrawal from two of the courses and found that in the circumstances, combined with the lack of any prejudice to UTM, it would be unduly technical to deny her leave to file a late appeal. The Committee found that that the medical evidence directly connected the Student’s medical state with missing the drop deadline. Appeal allowed in part. The Committee allowed leave to withdraw without academic penalty from two courses and denied leave to withdraw without academic penalty from two courses.