Report #315

DATE: March 22, 2007
PARTIES: The Student Appellant v. UTM

Hearing Date(s): March 16, 2007

Committee Members:  
Professor Emeritus Ralph Scane, Senior Chair
Professor Jan Angus
Professor Brian Corman
Ms. Estefania Toledo
Professor John Wedge

Judicial Affairs Officer:
Dr. Anthony Gray

In Attendance:
the Student Appellant
For UTM: Professor G. J. Anderson

UTM – late withdrawal without academic penalty – mental health issues – stress from criminal charges – drop date after Student’s acquittal of criminal charges – no evidence of any change in mental health problems after drop date – appeal dismissed

Request for late withdrawal without academic penalty from three courses.  The Student failed all three courses. Before and during the relevant period the Student was under psychiatric treatment. The Student was diagnosed with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, Major Depression and Impulse Control Disorder. The Committee considered the student’s history of mental health issues and other external factors which allegedly distracted him from his studies, including preparation for and concern about his trial for a serious criminal offence. The Committee found that the drop date for the courses was after the Student’s acquittal and there was no evidence of any change in the Student’s mental health problems after the drop date. The Committee found that the pressure and duty the Student felt to his parents did not justify a departure from the University’s policy regarding drop dates. Appeal dismissed.