Report #309

DATE: July 19, 2006
PARTIES: The Student Appellant v UTSC

Hearing Date(s): June 28, 2006

Committee Members:
Assistant Dean Bonnie Goldberg, Chair
Mr Husain Aboghodieh
Professor Yuki Johnson
Dr. Joel Kirsh
Professor Ian McDonald

Judicial Affairs Officer:
Dr. Anthony Gray

In Attendance:
The Student, the appellant
Associate Dean Nick Cheng, UTSC

UTSC – late withdrawal without academic penalty – decision to withdrawal but after deadline – medical circumstances – Student aware of deadlines – sufficient information about progress to make informed decision – insufficient medical evidence – appeal dismissed

Request for permission to withdraw late without academic penalty from one course. The Student’s self–assessment of her performance caused her to decide to withdraw from the course, but not until after the deadline. The Student claimed that she suffered stress–induced migraines, aggravated by her parents’ divorce. The Student’s physical illness was not raised at any previous level. The Student submitted a medical note that referred to a history of migraines to substantiate her claim. The Committee considered the grounds presented by the student in the petition and the appeal and found that the Faculty and the Divisional Appeals Committee made the appropriate decision based on the information available. While the Student was new to the UTSC system, she was aware of the deadlines and she had sufficient information about her progress in the course to make an informed decision before the deadline. The Committee found that the new medical evidence submitted at the hearing was insufficient to find that the Faculty or the Divisional Appeals Committee erred in its decision or that a different result should have been reached. Appeal dismissed.