Report #305

DATE: December 8, 2005
PARTIES: Mr. A.Z. (the Student) v. the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

Committee Members:
Professor Emeritus Ralph Scane, Senior Chair
Professor Clare Beghtol
Professor Pamela Catton
Professor Ian McDonald
Mr. Mahadeo Sukhai

Mr. Anthony Gray, Judicial Affairs Officer.

In Attendance:

For the Student Appellant:

Mr. A.Z. (the Student)

For the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering:
Professor Kim Pressnail
Ms Ella Lund-Thomsen

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering – request to increase term sessional average – grade appeal – illness affected exam preparation and performance – medical and oral evidence insufficient – weakness in term work played role in poor results – appeal dismissed

Request to increase the sessional average for the term, from 51.8% to 54.8%, in order to enable the Student to proceed to the third year of his programme without repeating the failed term. The Student claimed that illness seriously affected his preparation for and performance in three examinations. In the subjects in which the examinations were written, the Student received two grades of F, and a grade of C–. The Committee considered medical evidence, the Student’s oral evidence and the student’s academic performance in the term and found that the condition of the Student was not such that, but for the existence of the medical condition, the Student would have passed the term. The Committee found that the Student’s attending physician did not consider that prescription medication or stronger non–prescription medications was called for in treating the illness, and that the Student’s weakness in term work also played a role in his poor results. The Committee observed that not every illness suffered during the examination period will excuse inadequate academic performance, particularly performance at the level demonstrated in the academic term in question, where weakness in term work also played a significant role in the poor results. Appeal dismissed.