Report 301


July 8, 2005


Ms. G. S. (the Student) v. UTSC

Hearing Date(s):

June 24, 2005

Committee Members:

Assistant Dean Kate Hilton, Chair
Dr. Pamela Catton
Professor Clare Beghtol
Professor Yuki Johnson
Mr. Ari Kopolovic

Judicial Affairs Officer:

Mr. Tony Gray

In Attendance:

Ms. G. S. (the “Student”)
Associate Dean Nick Cheng, UTSC

Request to submit late work in three courses. The Student filed a subsequent request for late withdrawal without academic penalty, due to the fact that two years had passed since the original petition was filed. The Student claimed that she experienced periods of illness during the term and suffered a back injury. The Student did not complete her course work in the three courses and received a failing grade in each course. The Committee agreed with the Faculty and Divisional Appeals Committee that the medical evidence offered by the Student was incomplete, but found that the Student’s testimony was credible and thus the content of the Medical Certificate was adequate. The Committee found that the University afforded accommodation to the Student but that the Student’s situation was not sufficiently serious by the drop date that she should have known to withdraw from one or more courses. The Committee found that it was not appropriate to allow the Student to withdraw without academic penalty. Appeal allowed in part. The Committee ordered that the Student be permitted to submit late work for the three courses. The already completed assignment was to be submitted to the Faculty within twenty business days of the date of release of the decision. For the assignments that the Student had not completed, the University had ten business days from the Student’s notification to provide her with a new assignment. The Student then had twenty business days to submit the completed work. If reasonably feasible, the new assignments were to be set, and all assignment were to be marked, by the instructor who offered the courses, based on the content of the courses as they then existed. If not feasible, then the Faculty was to request the assistance of other instructors in the area who could set the new assignments and provide fair assessments of the work.