Report #299

DATE: May 16, 2004
PARTIES: Mr. M. (the Student) v. UTM

Hearing Date(s): May 11, 2005

Committee Members:
Assistant Dean Kaye Joachim, Chair
Prof. Raymond Cummins
Prof John Furedy
Dr. Joel Kirsh
Mr. Stefan Neata

Acting Secretary:
Ms. Beverly Stefureak

For the Student:
Mr. M. (the Student)

For UTM:
Prof. Gordon Anderson

UTM – late withdrawal without academic penalty – extension on course work afforded due to illness – illness impeded ability to complete term work – work for other courses completed not as complex – no medical evidence – aware of option to seek late withdrawal without academic penalty but chose to request extensions instead – appeal dismissed

Request for late withdrawal without academic penalty from two courses. The Faculty had previously granted extensions on term work in the courses due to the Student’s ongoing chest pain and anxiety attacks. The Student did not complete the term work and failed both courses. The Student claimed that his chest pains continued to impede his ability to complete the term work and that he was able to complete the work for other courses during the same time period because they were not as complex and required less work. The Student did not provide medical evidence pertaining to the period in question. The Committee found that the Student was aware of the option to seek late withdrawal without academic penalty and that he was capable of making the decision to do so but chose to request the extensions instead because he believed he would be able to complete the term work. The Committee found that there was no medical evidence to support any ongoing medical condition that would justify a further extension or late withdrawal without academic penalty. Appeal dismissed.