Report 293


December 16, 2004


Mr. C., the Appellant v. the Faculty of Pharmacy

Hearing Date(s):

November 22, 2004

Committee Members:

Assistant Dean Bonnie Goldberg, Chair
Professor Pamela Catton
Ms Françoise Ko
Professor John Furedy
Professor Ian McDonald

Judicial Affairs Officer:

Mr. Paul Holmes

In Attendance:

Mr. C., the Appellant
Ms Brenda Thrush, Registrar, Faculty of Pharmacy
Dean Wayne Hindmarsh, Faculty of Pharmacy

Request to proceed to Year 3 of Pharmacy program, despite not having met the academic requirements. Request made on financial grounds unrelated to failing grade. The Faculty Appeals Committee heard the appeal despite not usually considering financial hardship as ground of appeal and despite the Student not having submitted a petition. The Committee found that the Student did not take proactive steps, or seek academic assistance offered by the Division to improve academic performance. Not all available means of financial support had been exhausted. There was no merit to the Student’s allegation of differential treatment. There was no evidence of extenuating circumstances directly related to academic performance. The Committee stated that it does not have the jurisdiction to remove a failing grade due to financial considerations. Appeal dismissed.