Case #681

DATE: May 14, 2013
PARTIES: University of Toronto v. A.K.

Hearing Date(s): February 11, 2013

Panel Members:
Mr. Paul Morrison, Chair
Prof. Faye Mishna, Faculty Member
Ms. Jenna Jacobson, Student Member

Robert Centa, Assistant Discipline Counsel for the University

In Attendance:
Don Dewees, Deans' Designate
Christopher Lang, Director, Appeals, Discipline and Faculty Grievances

Trial Division – s. B.i.1(a) of the Code – forged documents – submitted petition containing information known to be false and forged death certificates – Student did not attend hearing – Agreed Statement of Facts – guilty plea accepted – Joint Submission on Penalty – grade assignment of zero in five courses; recommendation that the Student be expelled; five-year suspension; report to Provost for publication

Student charged with fifteen offences under s. B.i.1(a) and in the alternative, one charge under s. B.i.3(b) of the Code. The charges related to an allegation that the Student, on five distinct occasions over several years, filed petitions to defer examinations or (in one case) to request late withdrawal without academic penalty that the student knew contained false information and forged, altered or falsified documents, including death certificates for various individuals sharing the Student’s last name. The Student did not attend the hearing, but the panel was satisfied notice requirements were met on the basis of a consent filed by the University and the hearing and therefore proceeded. The Student pleaded guilty to the charges and the matter proceeded by way of an agreed statement of facts. The Panel accepted the Student’s guilty plea. The University nevertheless withdrew the alternative charge and the Student was found guilty of fifteen offences. The parties submitted a joint submission on penalty. The Panel observed the seriousness of the offences. The Panel noted that to reject a joint submission the Panel would have to conclude that accepting the joint submission would bring the administration of justice into disrepute. The Panel concluded this was not such a case and therefore accepted the joint submission on penalty. The Panel imposed a final grade of zero in five courses, a recommendation that the Student be expelled from the University, a five-year suspension, and ordered that the case be reported to the Provost for publication.