Case #676

DATE: March 18, 2013
PARTIES: University of Toronto v. O.E.

Hearing Date(s): February 22, 2013

Panel Members:
Ms. Rodica David, Chair
Professor Louis Florence, Faculty Member
Ms. Saneea Tanvir, Student Member

Ms. Lily Harmer, Assistant Discipline Counsel for the University

David Cochraine, Professor

In Attendance:
Prof. Wayne Dowler, Dean's Designate

Ms. Natalie Ramtahal, Coordinator, Appeals, Discipline and Faculty Grievances

Trial Division – s. B.i.1(d) and s. B.i.1(f) of the Code – plagiarism and concocted sources – submitted essay containing plagiarized passages and references to concocted sources – Student did not attend hearing – finding of guilt – first offence – Student appeared to have left Canada – deterrence an important consideration – grade assignment of zero in the course; two-year suspension; three-year notation on transcript; report to Provost for publication

Student charged with one offence under s. B.i.1(d) and one offence under s. B.i.1(f). The charges related to an allegation that the Student submitted an essay that included references to non-existent sources and verbatim or nearly verbatim passages from sources that were not properly cited. The Student did not attend the hearing, but the Panel was satisfied notice requirements were met and therefore proceeded. The Panel found the student guilty of both offences. This was the Student’s first offence. The Panel noted there was an absence of evidence of any extenuating circumstances and that the Student appeared to have left Canada and ignored the entire disciplinary process. The Panel observed that the offences committed by the Student are increasing in frequency as a result of the easy availability of sources through the internet and that deterrence was therefore an important consideration. The Panel imposed a final grade of zero in the course, a two-year suspension, a notation on the Student’s transcript lasting three years, and ordered that the case be reported to the Provost for publication.