Case #587

DATE: April 14, 2010
PARTIES: University of Toronto v. O.G.

Hearing Date(s): September 8, 2009

Panel Members:
Michael Hines, Chair
Dr. Annette Sanger, Faculty Member
Jamon Camisso, Student Member

Rob Centa, Assistant Discipline Counsel for the University
Professor Berry Smith, Vice-Dean, Students, School of Graduate Studies

Trial Division - s. B.I.1(d) and s. B.I.3(d) of Code – doctoral dissertation - plagiarism – concocted references - plagiarism – verbatim and near verbatim excerpts – failure to attribute excerpts properly – no meaningful academic work on thesis - hearing not attended – Agreed Statement of Facts - finding on evidence from Agreed Statement of Facts of guilt – Joint Submission on Penalty – Joint Submission on Penalty accepted - grade assignment of zero for course; five-year suspension; recommendation; recommendation for expulsion; and report to Provost

Student charged with three offences under s. B.I.1(d) and s.B.I.3(d) of the Code. The Student did not attend the proceedings on consent. The matter proceeded on an Agreed Statement of Facts. The Student admitted to including lengthy verbatim and near verbatim excerpts from secondary sources and failing to attribute these excerpts properly, to representing others work as his own, to doing no meaningful academic work on his thesis, and to committing the academic offence of plagiarism. On the basis of the Agreed Statement of Facts, the Panel found the Student was guilty. The Panel was advised that the Student had also agreed to a Joint Submission on Penalty. The Student acknowledged the University made no promises as to what sanctions the Provost would seek. The Panel reviewed the Joint Submission and found it reflected an appropriate penalty under the circumstances. The Panel found that the academic misconduct was serious, comprehensive and pre-meditated. The Panel imposed a grade of zero in the course, a five-year suspension, a recommendation to the President that the Student be expelled, and that a report be issued to the Provost.