Case #502

DATE: April 18, 2008
PARTIES: University of Toronto v. Ms. R.W.

Hearing Date(s): April 17, 2008

Panel Members:
Ms. Jane Pepino, Chair
Prof. Ikuko Komuro-Lee, Faculty Panel Member
Ms. Candace Ikeda-Douglas, Student Panel Member

Ms. Lily Harmer, Assistant Discipline Counsel for the University
Ms. R.W., the Student, did not attend

Trial Division - s. B.i.3(a) and s. B.i.2(a) of the Code - forged academic records – forged degree certificate and transcript – hearing not attended - Student responded to Notice of Hearing - Agreed Statement of Facts – guilty plea – Joint Submission on Penalty - credibility of University and students undermined by falsification of documents – see case of Mr. M.S. – Joint Submission on Penalty accepted - recommendation that the Student be expelled as per s. C.ii.(b)(i) of Code; five-year suspension pending expulsion decision; permanent notation on academic record; and report to Provost

Student charged under s. B.i.3(a) and s. B.i.2(a), and alternatively, s. B.i.3(b) of the Code. The charges related to allegations that the Student forged a University degree certificate and transcript, and submitted the documents to a company specializing in employee background checks. The Student did not attend the hearing. The Panel reviewed the Student’s response to the Notice of Hearing and permitted the hearing to proceed in the Student’s absence. The matter proceeded on an Agreed Statement of Facts and a Joint Submission on Penalty. The Student pleaded guilty to the charged under s. B.i.3(a) and s. B.i.2(a). The University withdrew the alternative charge. The Panel found the Student guilty of the charges. In its submission on penalty, the University submitted a Book of Authorities and focused on the nature of the offence, the detriment to the University and the significance of general deterrence. The Panel accepted the Joint Submission on Penalty. The Panel accepted the University’s analysis of the case of Mr. M.S. and found that the integrity of the University is a fundamental part of the teaching and learning relationship. The Panel adopted the oral reasons given by the Panel in the case of Mr. M.S. and found that the falsification of documents undermined the credibility of the University and all other students who achieved their degrees legitimately. The Panel imposed a recommendation to the President, further to s. C.ii.(b)(i) of the Code, that the Student be expelled; a five-year suspension pending the expulsion decision; a permanent notation on the Student’s academic record and transcript; and that a report be issued to the Provost.