Appeals, Discipline and Faculty Grievances

The Office of Appeals, Discipline and Faculty Grievances

The Office of Appeals, Discipline and Faculty Grievances (ADFG) is neutral, and is responsible for the management of the administration of the Governing Council’s quasi-judicial processes and functions, by providing governance, judicial and registrarial support for these bodies and associated processes.

There are currently 15 quasi-judicial processes our Office supports, and our role differs for each process. These quasi-judicial processes span all three campuses at the University.

For more information about our processes and role and how to contact us, please click About the ADFG Office.

Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre & Library, UTM Campus, University of Toronto
Convocation Hall
Convocation Hall, St. George Campus, University of Toronto
Environmental Science & Chemistry Building
Environmental Science & Chemistry Building, UTSC Campus, University of Toronto

important Information


ADFG Office staff continue to adhere to all University directives, including working remotely, as well as all public health directives, including those related to social distancing. As we continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, we will continue to adapt our processes as necessary. In consultation with the parties and the Chairs, we’ll be looking at specific cases to determine which ones if any, should proceed by video conferencing.

Please visit the specific Process webpage for more information.


  • Downtown Legal Services has been operating remotely since June 1, 2020. Please contact their Office if you wish to consult their services. Please visit the DLS website for further updates.
  • The Downtown Legal Services intake lines will be closed from:

    - Thursday April 1, 2021 to Tuesday May 25, 2021 inclusive
  • The ADFG Office will be closed from:

- Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. to Monday May 24, 2021 inclusive