About the ADFG Office

The Office of Appeals, Discipline and Faculty Grievances (ADFG) lies within the portfolio of the Office of the Governing Council, and is responsible for the administration of several quasi-judicial processes at the University of Toronto. The ADFG Office has three main roles - registrarial, quasi-judicial and governance. 

The role of the ADFG Office falls into three main categories - registrarial, quasi-judicial and governance - and can change from process to process, depending on the codes, policies and procedures governing each process.  ADFG is often involved in scheduling hearings, composing panels to adjudicate hearings, assisting panel members (especially Chairs) on procedural matters, acting as hearing secretary, and publishing decisions made by panel members following hearings. ADFG also acts as an information resource for students, staff and faculty members regarding the University’s quasi-judicial processes and related codes, policies and procedures.

Please note that ADFG is neutral. As such, ADFG will not determine the rights of any party to a proceeding, advocate on behalf of any party, or advise any party on the merits of its position. The parties to most quasi-judicial proceedings administered by ADFG are permitted to retain legal representation, and if you are a student involved in one of our processes, we strongly recommend you obtain legal representation. If you are considering obtaining legal representation, please click here.

If you are looking for a complete list of the quasi-judicial processes administered by ADFG, or information about a particular process, or you are confused about which process applies to your situation, please click here.  Also, if you notice something is not working on our site, such as a search function or link, please email us at adfg.admin@utoronto.ca and we will address it right away.