Housing Service Policy [February 3, 1987]

University of Toronto Governing Council

Housing Service Policy

February 3, 1987

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Housing Service Policy

The objective of the Housing Service is to address the accommodation needs of students of the University, particularly with respect to off-campus housing. To the extent that the activity does not interfere with service to students, the Housing Service assists staff and faculty in arranging adequate housing.


  1. maintains off-campus housing listings at an optimal level, given market conditions, for students of the University of Toronto through the city-wide housing registry that it operates and shares, on a cost-recovery basis with other Metro post-secondary institutions.
  2. provides information and advice to students seeking long-term housing, including:
    • sources of temporary accommodation;
    • cost, availability dates, and eligibility requirements of on- and off-campus housing;
    • city and transportation maps, location of day care and school facilities, residence meal plans;
    • Ontario Human Rights Code, Rent Review, and Landlord Tenant legislation.
  3. assists students with housing problems beyond the expertise of the Housing Service by referral to other services, including various legal assistance centres when formal action or mediation in landlord/tenant disputes is required.
  4. facilitates sublet and shared accommodation arrangements for University of Toronto students, including the provision of listings to students from other institutions on a cost-recovery basis.
  5. inspects off-campus residences and short-term housing.
  6. operates on a cost-recovery basis the Admissions Office for the Married Student Apartment complex which gives priority to students of the University of Toronto.

February 4, 1987