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Rose M. Patten
Chair of the Governing Council

Date: August 10, 2004

Re:  1. Update on Appointment of Interim President 
2. Call for Nominations for Membership of the Presidential Search Committee

The purpose of this communication is twofold: first, to update you on progress with respect to the appointment of an Interim President and second, to invite nominations for members of the presidential search committee.

1. Update on Appointment of Interim President

I am pleased to report that we are on schedule in proceeding to make the appointment and expect to bring a recommendation to special meetings of the Executive Committee and the Governing Council before the end of August. Since my last message to you, there has been excellent, wide consultation on this appointment. I am grateful to all of you who took the time to provide me with the thoughtful input that is so essential in such an important decision. As well, I appreciate very much the advice and support I have received from the Vice-Chair of the Governing Council, as well as the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Boards and members of the University's academic and administrative leadership. It is my hope that my next message to you will be to announce the appointment of the Interim President.

2. Call for Nominations for Membership of the Presidential Search Committee


The Policy Respecting the Appointment of a President (1999) specifies the composition of the Committee formed to advise the Governing Council on the appointment. (The Policy can be found at http://www.governingcouncil.utoronto.ca/policies/appres.htm.) Its composition is to be as follows:

  • the Chairman of the Governing Council or a lay member of Council appointed by the Chairman (Chair of the Committee);
  • 2 appointees of the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council to the Governing Council;
  • 3 alumni of the University, who are neither staff nor students of the University;
  • 5 members of the teaching staff of the University, no more than two of whom may be current holders of academic administrative posts;
  • 1 member of the administrative staff of the University; and
  • 3 students (one full-time undergraduate, one part-time undergraduate and one graduate student).

The Committee need not have a majority of its members from Governing Council. The Secretary of the Governing Council, or a person approved by the Executive Committee, shall be Secretary of the Search Committee.

Selection Guidelines

In keeping with the intent of the Policy, several factors are considered when choosing members of the Search Committee. Those factors are considered when the Executive Committee makes its recommendation to the Governing Council and is good information for you to have as you consider nominations. The Search Committee as a whole should:

  • reflect the organizational complexity of the University community.
  • reflect the diversity of the University community.
  • include members of the Governing Council.
  • contain a wide range of experiences and skills that will be relevant to the work of the Committee.
  • contain both people who bring to the Committee the perspective of excellent working scholars and also those who are involved with University leadership and policy issues.
  • bring together specific kinds of expertise that will help the Committee evaluate presidential candidates' multi-dimensional capabilities in such areas as: overall leadership, fiscal management, and relations with internal and external communities, including staff, students, governors, alumni, public office holders, corporate and community leaders and donors.

Individual requirements

Expectations of each member will include:

  • investment of the substantial amount of time required for the Committee, including, at times, day-long meetings.
  • commitment to the requirement that the Committee will conduct its affairs in camera.
  • willingness to adhere to strict standards of confidentiality on matters related to the Committee's work.

Communication on Progress

The Policy contemplates, though, the need for communication with the University community and provides for the Chair, or a person designated by the Chair, to issue statements concerning the activities of the Committee. As Chair, I have already stated that I am fully committed to thorough and appropriate communication, and indicated my respect for your desire to be kept informed on matters related to the presidential search. Over the weeks and months ahead, as we move forward, I will continue to keep you apprised of our progress on a frequent basis. We have established a website so that information will be accessible to you and to all members of our community. It can be reached at http://www.governingcouncil.utoronto.ca/bac/gc/presidentialsearch.htm.

Once the Search Committee is established, we will provide the milestones and target dates related to:

  • the choice of a search consultant,
  • consultation on and development of the position specification,
  • the call for nominations for candidates,
  • the interview and assessment stage, including due diligence with respect to emerging candidates, and
  • consideration of the Search Committee's recommendation by the Governing Council.

Approval of Committee Membership

Our plan is to have the Executive Committee consider the membership at its meeting of September 13, 2004; the Governing Council would then be asked to approve the membership at its meeting of September 23, 2004.

Continuing Input

I will welcome your continuing input as we proceed and look forward to hearing from you at chair.gc@utoronto.ca.

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations for persons to serve on the Committee should be submitted by August 30, 2004 and should include the individual's curriculum vitae and contact information, a brief statement outlining the rationale for proposing him / her for membership, and confirmation that he / she is willing to serve if appointed by the Governing Council. Submissions should be sent in confidence to:

Louis R. Charpentier
Secretary of the Governing Council
Room 106, Simcoe Hall
27 King's College Circle
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1

Submissions may also be sent by e-mail to l.charpentier@utoronto.ca or fax to 416-978-8182.