University Ambassadors, Guidelines on the Role and Appointment of [May 23, 2013]

University of Toronto Governing Council

University Ambassadors, Guidelines on the Role and Appointment of

May 23, 2013

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Guidelines on the Role and Appointment of University Ambassadors


There is a range of ceremonial events both within and outside of the University of Toronto that require senior institutional representation. Internally, the presence and participation of the Chancellor, the Chair of the Governing Council, the President, Vice- Presidents, and/or Principals and Deans may be required by policy or expected because of longstanding practice. In addition, there are also numerous ceremonies or other formal occasions outside of the University at which an official representative is needed. Such activities include, for example, the installation of another university’s president or a formal alumni gathering hosted by the University elsewhere in the world. In light of increasing demands on members of the University and respecting the growing need to ensure an official University presence in a variety of external ceremonial settings, these Guidelines provide for the appointment of individuals to serve as “University Ambassadors” in particular circumstances and for deputizing such individuals to act on behalf of the Chancellor in presiding at Convocation from time to time. It also provides for deputizing others such as Chancellors and Presidents Emeriti.

On that latter point, the University is well served by its emeritus Chancellors, and Presidents and the many volunteer contributions they make. They are loyal and tireless champions of the University, who consistently advance the University’s goals in a variety of ways. These Guidelines reflect the University’s intent to recognize formally and encourage their continued participation in ceremonial and other roles on behalf of the institution. Their contributions will complement those of the University Ambassadors who, in turn, will be drawn from among the University’s most dedicated and respected volunteers.

Role of a University Ambassador

As delegated by the President, a University Ambassador would be invited to represent the University of Toronto in a ceremonial or institutional role at events sponsored by the University of Toronto and in such events sponsored by other institutions.

A University Ambassador may be invited to preside at convocation in the absence of the Chancellor, pursuant to the Policy on Presiding Officers for Convocation and as delegated by the President.

Criteria for Appointment

Following a call for nominations, the President will establish a small corps of University Ambassadors from which he/she may invite individuals to fulfill specific ceremonial activities from time to time.

University Ambassadors may be drawn from the University community based on the following criteria:

  • demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the University of Toronto;
  • recognition and respect within the University and its related communities;
  • longstanding volunteer engagement with the University;
  • an appreciation of and demonstrated success in ceremonial roles; and
  • experience with and ability to execute responsibilities in the context of the diverse ceremonial etiquette and practices reflected in the University’s student and alumni communities.

Appointment and Term

University Ambassadors are appointed by the Executive Committee of the Governing Council, on the recommendation of the President with advice from the Chair of the Governing Council and the Executive Committee of the College of Electors.

Ambassadors will be appointed for a term of three years with the possibility of one renewal for a maximum of six consecutive years. In exceptional circumstances, an individual may be appointed to serve for a third three-year term.

Approved by the Governing Council on May 23, 2013

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