Space Policy - Permanent Accommodation [April 27, 1993]

University of Toronto Governing Council

Space Policy - Permanent Accommodation

April 27, 1993

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Space Policy - Permanent Accommodation

1.    Student Groups

a)    For Student Societies

(i)    Requests for additional space by department/faculty societies continue to be handled by the departments/faculties concerned from their own space allocation.
(ii)    For new University societies space on the St. George campus will be granted only by the Committee on Accommodation and Facilities.


b)    Informal (Student) Groups
No additional groups be eligible to apply for space, except where it is deemed to be in the direct interest of a large segment of the University community for space to be provided, in which case this may be done according to the terms of Section 3, University-Related Groups, with the approval and recommendation of the Office of the Vice-President, Personnel and Student Affairs.

2.    Staff Groups

Office space be provided to staff associations recognized by the University of Toronto, and to trade unions having a contractual relationship with the University of Toronto subject to the availability of such space. The organization must have a membership of, or be entitled to represent, at least 400 persons who are employees or staff members of the University. The space and cleaning service will be provided at no charge by the University. (Confirms the decision approved by the Internal Affairs Committee on March 25th, 1974.)

3.    University-Related Groups

(i)    Space be assigned by the Committee on Accommodation and Facilities to new groups only when sponsored by a University division. The sponsoring division must identify the relationship of the sponsored group to the academic programmes of the division.
(ii)    The tenure of existing groups be reviewed every two years to ensure that their relationship is still valid.
(iii)    The space needs of University users be given priority over "University related" groups. The latter groups given space under this policy normally should pay all direct and overhead costs associated with the space they occupy. Special exemption from these charges may be granted by the Committee on Accommodation and Facilities depending primarily on the benefits conferred on the University by the group concerned.
(iv)    Where exemptions from charges have been granted, they be reviewed every two years in the context of the division's programme and priorities.

4.    Outside/Commercial Users

(i)    Space only be assigned to this group of users if there is a need for such a commercial centre on campus and/or alternatively if the space is not suited for University use.
(ii)    Full commercial rent be charged.

December 7th, 1976

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Section I b) amended by the Governing Council, May 20th, 1982

Section I a) (iii) amended by the Committee on Campus and Community Affairs, April 24th, 1984 Section I a)(iii) deleted by the University Affairs Board, April 27th, 1993